Dereka's Book

Dereka Dodson started having premonitions in her teens, but it took her some years to learn to heed them.

In her thirties, however, a recurring dream came true when she was sailing in a yacht off Cape Fear, North Carolina, with her soulmate, Angus, when they were hit by a freak storm, and the vessel capsized and sank beneath them.


They hauled the life raft into the water, which inflated upsidedown, and Dereka watched in horror as Angus slipped beneath the massive waves and disappeared.

She somehow found the strength to right the life raft and, after seeing white shapes swimming beneath her, managed the impossible and clambered on board. The storm raged on but Dereka was ‘told’ she would be rescued in four days. Reassured, she sat out the storm and calmly awaited help.  US Navy ship Canopus turned up on cue, four days later.

This convinced Dereka that she needed to explore further, and she found herself so inexplicably drawn to the crop circles of Wiltshire, she relocated from Surrey and retired from her career as a dental surgeon in order to learn more.

0133An avid photographer with a good camera, she was amazed to discover light anomalies on many of her photographs, denoting energies she could not see when she pressed the shutter.

The final part of the book contains the Transcripts, faithful texts of readings from remarkable Psychic Counsellor Mavis Meaker, through whom the energies spoke to Dereka and supported her on her journey. 

© Dereka Dodson 2012